Facebook Interests Lists

Interests lists are an optional way to organize and view content you are interested in on Facebook. You can create your own interests lists based on the things you care about, or follow other people’s lists. For example, you could create an interest list for other libraries in NCKLS.

When you create or follow a list, you may also see some posts from that list in your main News Feed.

How to Schedule a Post in Facebook

If you don’t have time to update your static  page every day, consider using Facebook’s scheduling feature to schedule posts in advance.  Planning ahead makes your life a little easier.

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Screen Sense: Research Based Guidelines for Screen Use for Children Under 3 Years Old

Zero to Three Shares Key Research Findingszerotothreelogo_bk

There are many mixed messages about screen time and young children. Yet many libraries are adding apps and other screen media to storytimes and programming for young children. If you’re trying to navigate these waters, the new research from Zero to Three can help!

Zero to Three, the National Center for Infants, Toddlers, and Families, has published a free resource written in partnership with leading researchers in the field of media and young children that contains an “authoritative review of what is known about the effect of screen media on young children’s learning and development.  It is designed to serve as a tool for guiding parents and professionals in making informed decisions about screen media use.”

The Screen Sense: Setting the Record Straight document, as well as a Key Findings summary and Tips for Using Screen Media with Young Children are available at the Zero to Three website.

Another resource to look at is Screen Time: How Electronic Media–From Baby Videos to Educational Software–Affects Your Young Child by Lisa Guernsey.

Grant Opportunity December 1 Deadline

The State Library is offering small, non-competitive grants to support Guys Read in our state. Through the project, schools and public libraries will join efforts to increase the pleasure reading of guys of all ages.

Grant opportunity details can be ​found at: http://kslib.info/875/Grant-Opportunities.

The application deadline is December 1, 2014.


Jan Thomas Kicks Off Kansas Reads to Preschoolers 2014

NCKLS was SOOOO Excited to Host Jan Thomas!

Soooo Excited


NCKLS was very lucky to get multiple venues with Jan Thomas as she toured Kansas to promote Kansas Reads to Preschoolers.


KSU Talk GroupCropped

First she spoke at Kansas State University to their Children’s Literature track students. During this  intimate session, Jan described how she came to write her first book, What Will Fat Cat Sit On? and her inspiration for Rhyming Dust Bunnies. The students had lots of good questions, and everyone enjoyed the lively discussion.


SigningFollowing her talk, Jan had a book signing at Manhattan Public Library. Claflin Books sold copies of many of Jan’s books, and Jan graciously personalized her signatures with new illustrations. There were many families and librarians hoping to get books signed and have a bit of conversation with Jan.Melendra_Jan_Jenn







The next morning, Jan Ft RileyCroppedperformed at the Fort Riley Post Library. Following her presentation, two of the Manhattan Public Children’s Librarians acted out Let’s Sing a Lullaby with the Brave Cowboy. The library was packed with families, and everyone had a great time meeting Jan and partaking in the hot chocolate and cookies provided by the library.


Bill Snyder READ Posters

Read Poster Bill SnyderNCKLS has Bill Snyder READ posters to give away!

If your library is interested, call or send an email to anyone in the NCKLS offices.

Limit of 3 per library.

School-Aged Programming: Field Trips!

“The Hows and Whys of Our Successful Field Trip Adventures” from the Bryce Don’t Play blog has some great advice for making the most of inviting school groups into your library.

The article also includes some motivation for starting a field trip adventure of your own, specifically Bryce’s library statistics showed that “40% of all public school second graders returned at least once” and “25% of all public school kindergartners returned!” While field trips can be a lot of work, that sort of increase in library use makes it worth the work!

A Shocking Story for All Staff: Ground Yourself for Safety!

Library Computer Technician Dan Ross offers a word of caution about steps to take before turning on your computer or other electrical equipment—at work or home. A recent problem with a staff printer revealed that a buildup of static electricity caused sheets of paper to stick together, jamming the process.

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Interested in Adding a Summer Food Program?

The KSDE Summer Food Service Program Is Always an Option!

Renee Grassi posted this great article, “Serving the Underserved: Lunch at the Library” about adding a summer food program to her library’s summer reading activities. She discusses benefits of the program and how it fits into the library’s mission

I know many of the libraries in the NCKLS region were interested in adding the Summer Food Service Program to their own summer programming. You can find more information about the program at the Kansas Summer Food Service Program website.

Planning Your Fall Programs?

Pumpkin CoachHere are some fun ideas for Halloween:

Sasquatch Escape from Bryce Don’t Play (NCKLS’ Hint: The Friendly Monster Story Time Kit has some fun Sasquatch titles, as well as great Make Your Own Monster toys.)

Host a Halloween Bash from Movie Licensing USA: Public Libraries

For Tweens, Teens or Adults: Three Literary Themed Halloween Parties for ‘tweens and teens from Good Books for Young Souls

Make your own Mummy: Movable Mummies from Family Chic

This project would be fun any time of year. But add a little spooky music, and it’s perfect for Halloween: P.U.F.F.IN Library Lab: Light Painting! from Bryce Don’t Play

Storytime Rhymes for Halloween from Miss Tara and Friends:

  • “The Ghost”The Ghost
  • “Pumpkin, Pumpkin”

Interested in a Lego Club, but don’t know where to start?

The Library As Makerspace blog suggests that a Lego Contest Is a Sure Hit!

Another Lego program, LEGO Week at Homer Public Library by Claudia Haines, was so popular it became an annual event.

The fall is a great time to reach out to your local schools, too.

Partnering with schools can help your library, your school, and (of course) all those students. YALSA shares some advice for creating such partnerships, in Back to School: Making New Connections

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