Book Fair 2014
Annual Meeting 2014
Necessary Knowledge 2013

2013 NCKLS Annual Meeting

Your Patron Did What?! Tier Wkst – Tier Worksheet that you can use for an example if you use this process. NCKLS Tier Wkst – The worksheet NCKLS did as a group.    Dealing with problem patron behaviors can leave staff worn out, vulnerable, and frustrated.  Developing consensus on how to deal with these problem behaviors consistently empowers …

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2013 Necessary Knowledge

NeCessary KnowLedge Live Thursday, November 7, 2013 Manhattan Public Library 9:00 Registration–Auditorium 9:30 – 11:00 Keynote Speaker David Lee King 11:00 – Break 11:15-12:15 Security:  Its not just locking your doors anymore 12:15 – Lunch Breakout Speaker – Andrew Frey    Breakout 1  Auditorium  CTC 1:05 Makerspace  Windows 8 Hands-on  Breakout 2  Auditorium  CTC 2:00 …

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2014 Book Fair

Book Fair 2014 Presentation Melendra Book Fair 2014 Presentation Marcy Best Picture Books Best Juvenile Books Best Teen Books Best Adult Books

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2014 Necessary Knowledge

9:00      Registration 9:30      Community Building through Collaboration Gaming 10:45   Creating & Evaluating Job Descriptions (several handouts) Action Verbs, Job Description Blank Template, Job Description with Examples, NCKLS Director Performance Evaluation, NCKLS Director Additional Criteria, NCKLS Director Performance Review Article 10:45   ToyBox, Making 3D Printers, Verso 2:15      Recollect Kansas Project …

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