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NCKLS Annual Meeting 2013

NCKLS Annual Meeting
August 1, 2013
Manhattan Public library Auditorium

9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Your Patron Did What?!

Tier Wkst – Tier Worksheet that you can use for an example if you use this process.
NCKLS Tier Wkst – The worksheet NCKLS did as a group.


 Dealing with problem patron behaviors can leave staff worn out, vulnerable, and frustrated.  Developing consensus on how to deal with these problem behaviors consistently empowers staff to create a welcoming environment for all members of the community.  Ken Werne  and Melody Kinnamon  of Johnson County Library will introduce deliberative discussion, a communication technique that can help libraries, their staff, and their boards come to consensus about difficult issues such as patron behavior.  Trained moderators will lead a sample deliberative discussion forum on patron behavior.  As participants discuss their experiences, they will learn a new way to share ideas and achieve common goals.


 Ken Werne, Manager of the Antioch Neighborhood Library of the Johnson County Library, has been a Kansas resident for 20 years and considers it home.  Libraries are a second career for him.  Ken moved across the country and back starting his career at a public library in Evansville, IN.  From there he went to public libraries in Colorado Springs, CO, Anaheim, CA and finally back here to Kansas.  He served in many different positions from a Reference Assistant to Senior Outreach Librarian to The Huntsman in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to a manager at 4 different locations and a discussion facilitator within JCL. Ken has been an active member of KLA, serving as Chair of the Public Library Section, 2010-2011, assisting with the Section’s Fall Retreat two years and presenting at KLA Conference.  When not at the Antioch Library, you can find Ken on the tennis court or trying to teach himself how to play the hammered dulcimer or traveling with his wife of 22 years, Mary Burnett.

 Melody Kinnamon is the Health Librarian at the Central Resource Library of the Johnson County Library.  She has worked for JCL for ten years, the first five as a Manager.   Melody started her career as a law librarian with a large Kansas City firm then moved to Texas and worked as a consultant with a regional library system.   Texas was wonderful but the family missed Johnson County and headed back in 2002.    She is very interested in health literacy.  She also has fun serving on Tech Squad and facilitating community engagement discussions.   Melody and her husband Kraig have two grown children and the oldest is a K-State Wildcat.  EMAW!