NCKLS Annual Meeting Agenda

Order of Business

North Central Kansas Libraries System

Annual Board Meeting

Hilton Garden Inn

August 7, 2014

9:30 – 1:00

Executive Committee Meeting:  9:30 am

      •             Call to Order
      •             Consent Agenda : Minutes of the May 29, 2014 meeting;
      •             Financial Statement & Approval of Bills
      •            Approval of 2015 service contracts for: Americus Township Library, Dorothy Bramlage Public, Elmendaro Township Library, Emporia Public Library,

 North Lyon County Library District #1, Pottawatomie-Wabaunsee Regional Library, Wamego Public Library

      •           Approval of Technology grant contracts for: Abilene Public Library, Axtell Public Library, Burns Public Library, Council Grove Public Library, and White City Public Library.
      •            Approval of Service Improvement grant contracts for: Blue Rapids Public Library, Council Grove Public Library, Hillsboro Public Library and Vermillion Public Library.
      •             Adjourn Executive Committee meeting

Budget Hearing 10:00 am

      • Presentation of the 2015 System Budget – Linda
      • Public Comment Period
      • Close hearing

System Board Meeting

      •  Call To order
      •  Roll Call – Mary White
      •  Collection of ballots for Executive Committee Elections – Carol
      •   Approval of minutes of the August 1, 2013 meeting
      •   Director’s Report — Linda
      •   Formal Adoption of Budget—Mary White
      •   Adoption of Resolution to Increase 2015 Budget
      •   Presentation and approval of the 2015 System Goals
      •   Establishment of a working committee to review contract services


      •  Results of Executive Committee Election




Program:  Friends are like pockets…everybody needs some! Sue Blechl

Informing Voters

From Mainstream, Inc.,  the Kansas Nonprofit association comes this resource for answering voters questions in a non-partisan way:


“With elections fast approaching, make sure that your nonprofit has the resources it needs to help get your community prepared for and involved in voting!  A great place to start is with Nonprofit Vote!  Nonprofit Vote provides nonpartisan information, ideas, support, and resources to America’s nonprofits in order to help them encourage the people they serve to participate and vote!  Visit Nonprofit Vote’s website at for information about registering, up-to-date information from election officials for every state, and resources for every level of involvement!’

Get Your Preschoolers Excited about the Alphabet

Learning to recognize upper and lower case letters is essential to learning, and there are so many ways to promote this skill!

Knowing that letters are different from each other and that they are made up of shapes is one of the first steps in learning ones letters. It is also important for children to recognize that even the same letter can look different, for example upper case Q and lower case q. Figuring out that individual letters are attached to unique sounds plays a part as well.

See the links below for some fun ideas for teaching children letter recognition:

Upper Case/Lower Case Matching Activity from No Time for Flashcardsapple-find-the-letter

Find the Letter on the Apple from Adventures in Learning

Letter Builders & Magnetic Alphabet Builders from Nurturing Naters with Learning Activities at Home

Learn to Draw the Letters of [Child’s] Name from Class Angelique (Translated by Google)

Build-a-Letter Templates from Tired, Need Sleep

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom from Pencils, Proverbs, Pandemonium, & Pins

Alphabet Matchup from Indulgy

Feed the Alphabet Monster from I Can Teach My Child

Feed the Alphabet Monster

Summer Reading Evaluation

It’s that time of the summer again!Madscientist

Time to start entering the statistics for your library’s summer reading program.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s numbers. This summer’s theme was so fun, and I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from many of you about events and activities you’ve tried.

You can access the evaluation here: CSLP Summer Reading Evaluation 2014. I need all your numbers by September 1st, so I can get them organized and submitted to the state. And, don’t forget, your comments are important too. The state always wants to hear as many details as possible about how the programs went, and they love to hear comments shared by library patrons. If you have a feel-good story, please share it!

A New Spin on Book Clubs

CookbooksIn the June 1, 2014 Library Journal, Aaron Schmidt writes about new Cookbook Clubs started at some innovative libraries. The idea is that patrons each cook something from the same cookbook and then bring it to the library to share. To learn more about this idea, and other creative programs, see The User Experience: Library Inspiration in LJ v.139 (10).

Book Fair 2014 Statistics

650 Books were purchased at Book Fair 2014!

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Learning Express Library

learn express windowsAccess to Learning Express Library V2.0 will end June 30th, according to the State Library. How do I get an updated link, and what is Learning Express Library?
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Beach Early Literacy & STEM Activities

Shell-SortingSummer Programming Ideas 2014

Early Literacy

From No Time for Flash Cards:

From Spoonful: Sand Mosaics Sand Art (Could also use the sandpaper to write letters or numbers.)

From Mrs. Ricca’s Kindergarten: Sand Writing Bin


From No Time for Flash Cards:

From Kids Activities blog: Memory Game with Shells

From the Imagination Tree: DIY Salt Dough Shell Fossils

CNN Article on Libraries


Reinventing libraries for ‘hanging out, messing around and geeking out’


Learn what libraries around the country are doing to encourage young people to visit..  Click on the title to open the article in a new window.

Google Chrome Tips

If you use Google Chrome as your browser, maybe these 5 tips will help you:

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