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District Name Email address Committees
24 Tom Arpke Education Subcommittee Ways & Means, General Gov Subcommittee, Ways & Means, Education
36 Elaine Bowers Ag, Financial Institutions & Insurance
35 Clark Shultz  Fed & State Affairs, Commerce, Utilities
22 Tom Hawk Natural Resources, Utilities, Ag
18 Laura Kelly Legislative Post Audit, State Employee Pay Plan Oversight, 2011 KS Public Employees Retirement Study Commission, Financial Institutions & Insurance
17 Jeff Longbine Commerce, Legislative Post Audit, Utilities, Federal & State Affairs
1 Dennis Pyle Natural Resources, Education
20 Vicki Schmidt Transportation, Education, Financial Institutions & Insurance
106 Sharon Schwartz Joint Committee on Adm Rules and Reg, Ag & Natural Resources
70 John Barker Veterans, Military & Homeland Security, Pensions & Benefits, Local Gov, Judiciary, Elections, Legislative Post Audit Committee
66 Sydney Carlin Appropriations, Ag & Natural Resources, Joint Committee on Special Claims Against the State
61 Becky Hutchins  Judiciary, Veterans, Military & Homeland Security, Gen Government Budget
75 Will Carpenter Children & Seniors, Ag & Natural Resources, Commerce, Labor, and Economic Development, Utilities & Telecommunicatons
71 Diana Dierks Education, Ag & Natural Resources, Veterans, Military & Homeland Security
51 Ron Highland Legislative Educational Planning, Education, Education Budget, Energy & Environment
60 Don Hill Insurance, Children & Seniors, Health & Human Services, Financial Institutions
76 Peggy Mast Joint Committee on KS Security, Legislative Budget, Calendar & Printing, Legislative Coordinating Council
68 Tom Moxley Ag & Natural Resources, Energy & Environment, Corrections & Juvenile Justice
67 Tom Phillips Children & Seniors, Elections
65 Lonnie Clark Ag & Nat Resources, Veterans, Military & Homeland Security, Agriculture & Nat Res Budget
74 Don Schroeder Ag & Natural Resources, Utilities & Telecommunications
64 Vern Swanson Financial Institutions, Transportation