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System Plan

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2013 Goals

 North Central Kansas Libraries System

2013 GOALS

1)      Evaluate NCKL services and create a strategic plan.


2)      Continuing Education

a)      Provide Classes and workshops for trustees, library directors and library staff (2.1.1)

i)        15 hours on core competencies for library directors (2.2.1)

ii)      Training for library staff (2.1.2)

b)      Provide continuing education grants for outside training

i)        State Library Workshops (2.1.3)

ii)      KLA Conference

iii)    PLA

iv)    Other (2.1.2)

c)      Promote online training opportunities (2.1.4)


3)      Resource Sharing

a)      Automation of member libraries with the NorCat Verso Consortium (1.1)

i)        Continue to seek funding to add more libraries to the ILS (1.1.2)

ii)      Provide user support (1.1.3)

iii)    Create a Verso/Illuminar User Group that meets quarterly (1.1.3)

b)      Interlibrary Loan

i)        Assistance with loans

ii)      Continue grants for the courier service and the ILL Postage Grant (1.3)

iii)    Provide training and assistance to libraries implementing patron-initiated ILL (1.2)


4)      Direct Services

a)      Cataloging and Processing

i)        Continue  cataloging and processing materials for member libraries

ii)      Seek cost saving measures through outsourcing and revised workflows

b)      Continue Rotating Books services to member and contracting libraries

i)        Create alternate scenarios for  fuel price increases

c)      Maintain Talking Books outreach service

5)      Consulting

a)      General Consulting

b)      Tech Consulting

c)      Children’s consulting

i)        Offer continuing education and consulting services to public school libraries

ii)      Promote the 6 X 6 Reading Readiness Program (5.1)

d)      Board Training


6)      Advocacy and Public Relations

a)      Continue improvements to the NCKL website

b)      Continue to support local legislative meetings (3.1.3)

c)      Collaborate with other agencies to improve services to libraries (3.4; 3.4, 6.1)

d)      Continue to provide annual advocacy training events (3.1.1)

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